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Tailor-made programs for independent artists
Find your sound by using the right team of professionals to help you develop and support your art.
Grow your influence by creating various content platforms and execute your own release strategy.
Broaden your business reach and learn how to build unique assets that make your career goals really happen.
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You have a vision inside and its waiting to come out! We are here to draw it out, develope it and connect it to your craft, persona and music. We will help you develop your Sound, Influence and Business using our three core pillars stratergy thats gained success for all our artists

Creating a team by your side is essential to avoid mistakes when it comes to making those all important career moves. We will be coaching you through the various crucial phases of development. In todays music climate you may never even need a record label to intervene in your career, meaning you can have total control over your career direction.

Design your package with any combination:

  • Singing and Live Performance Coaching
  • Songwriting, Production, Mixing & Mastering Collaboration
  • Rehearsal Spaces & Studio Hire
  • Mindset, Identity, Management and A&R Workshops
  • Gigs and Showcase Events
  • Building a Fanbase Engine
  • Direction with distribution, releasing, marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Action on making the right content and designing entreprenurial business assets 
  • Music industry associates, connections and backing

We tailor each development program by establishing an action plan after an in-depth consultation assessment. Whether you need production, stage & performance coaching, social media marketing or business stratergy we will create a proposal to suit you. This is the ultimate step up in results for an unsigned independent artist.

Develop your voice, make great music, inspire your fans and start the journey towards your career. Whatever your requirements our program aligns your needs into one package to help you bridge the gap to your future success.

What Our Clients Say

  • “I’ve felt myself sing the best most relaxed I’ve ever performed during one of Matt’s workshops.”

    Sylvan Williams
  • “I first worked with Matt when he was producing an album in Colombia back in 2015. He was looking to work with a native singer & rapper from Medellin so my manager, Tatiana, set us both up together. We ended up recording this really powerful song called Mas Para Ver. Matt was so inspired by my lyrics and our shared vision for the song that we worked on arranged a main vocal to create a chorus hook. He also demonstrated how I should open up my voice more and try to reach another level of vocal performance.

    I mainly thought of myself as a rapper before and had never seriously considered myself doing much singing. This experience of working together with a producer and vocal coach gave me the confidence to change my artistic style and start including more melody.”

  • Matt is an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only is he professional, but he’s a really cool person to hang out with. I met him by attending some networking group events and we decided to move forward and work together on my single release, Mermaid. He was involved in writing music as well as coaching me on my voice in the studio. He pays great attention to technical details – pitch, pronunciation- plus he made sure that my message and emotion for the song were delivered perfectly. Performing at his workshops really helped with this!

    Kat Kenna
  • Matt is ‘the man’ when it comes to vocal coaching and artist development! I for one have experienced working with him on many of my tracks over the past year we’ve known each other. He is smart, versatile and yet a very organic person to work with. One of my favorite things about him is that he sees the future potential of the artist. He knows how to understand that artists vision and wholeheartedly believes in the project he is working on. He is very humble and absorbent of international cultures which is great as he’s worked with me over in Dubai on my most recent project.

    His dedication and integrity reaffirms confidence in the artists even if they are facing a few bumps along the road. He is honest about his skills and has extensive qualifications which back up his more than sufficient awareness and understanding of a diverse range of music. I was extremely lucky to meet him when I did because he definitely gave me the foresight to help expand my vision and further my vocal skills. Through all this he’s become a very dear friend of mine each time we’ve worked together.

  • I hired Matt to work as vocal coach and be part of our production team on my Artist’s debut 6-track E.P. Matt’s proactive approach and exemplary work ethic dispelled any reservations I may have had regarding engaging with a creative individual on a “work for hire” type basis. The creative process is, more often than not, a collaborative one and Matt’s contribution to the studio session was vital.

    His ability to fulfil multiple roles in the studio at once is invaluable to any independent production team. Despite being hired primarily as a vocal coach and producer, Matt also fulfilled the role of backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, piano as well as comic relief with his Gandalf impressions…. If fact he still adds value to my artists as he continues to work over and above what I expected for an artist development program.

    His exemplary work ethic creates an environment within the studio that lets everyone know that the work finishes when the job is done, not at a certain pre-specified time. Yet, he managed to create such a fun work environment that you really wouldn’t want to spend the time anywhere else. Looking forward to working again in the near future, thus could not recommend any higher!



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