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2017 | 13 songs, 59 min

  1. HipHop chill
  2. Electro
  3. Rock Intro
  4. RocknRoll

Album of the Year

by Marcellus, 2017 | 13 songs, 59 min

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More info about upcoming tours across the world

“Beautiful song“ from new album

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@arcadefire@arcadefire – 5 days

When we stood outside in the month of May And watched the violent wind blow the wires away

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 4 weeks

RT : Excited to announce that ‘Quiet River of Dust Vol. 2’ will be released on Records June 21st! Watch the video for my ne…

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 1 month

Fun to see other musicians covering our music. We’ve made a playlist on YouTube with some of our favorite covers fr…

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 2 months

RT : The new video for “Finally Home” is out ! Watch the full video & listen to the song here: Directed b…

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 2 months

The soundtrack to Dumbo is available now 🐘❤

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 2 months

Watch the new visual for our cover of “Baby Mine” from now on

@arcadefire@arcadefire – 2 months

RT : Available now! 🐘 Listen to the new version of “Baby Mine” by from before the film hits theatres on Ma…


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